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Don't just cover up odors destroy the molecules that cause them with the Powr-Zone Ozone Generator. Powr-Zone actually eliminates odors and leaves pure, fresh oxygen in its place.

• Produces 1.5 grams/hr. at 7 p.p.m.
• Effective for areas up to 60,000 cubic feet
• 12 hour timer with power supply overload protection
• Gas filled arc module electrodes
• Maintenance free - no plates or UV tubes to corrode or clean

  • Manufacturer: Dri-Eaz
  • Model Number: F284

The HEPA 500 uses HEPA filter technology to remove dust and airborne particles from the air. The unit has a variable speed control from 250 cfm-500 cfm. The unit also has an optional charcoal filter to remove odors

  • Manufacturer: Dri-Eaz
  • Model Number: F292

The Evolution is a LGR units designed for homeowner and commercial use. It removes over 75 pints a day and is also great for drying, drywall, painting concrete and overall construction drying