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The new Model 418 hand-held oiler is sturdier than ever before. The 418's pump assembly and heavy-duty reservoir are designed to increase productivity. Pump Assembly 50% more oil per stroke than other hand-held oilers for longer die life. An ergonomic 2-finger trigger design that reduces user fatigue. Die cast, heavy-duty body with swivel nozzle with no exposed parts for longer life. Heavy Duty Reservoir The 418 oiler features a patented fastenerless twist and lock drip pan that easily locks in place. The material withstands abrasion, is lighter than metal and does not rust. The reservoir will not crack or leak. Material is so strong that under normal use, no dents will form on impact or shape changes will occur over time. As a result, the drip pan will fit squarely on the reservoir time after time. Integral molded body eliminates leaks at the hose-reservoir connection. 50% more oil per stroke than other hand-held oilers for longer die life.

RIDGID Speed Chuck
Reversible 1/2 HP Universal Motor
Recessed On/Off/Reverse Switch
Ideal For Use With RIDGID Roll Groovers

Motor 1/2 HP Single Phase, Universal
Switch Heavy-duty For/Off/Rev and Integral Foot Switch
Chuck Speed Chuck with Replaceable Rocker-Action Jaws
Spindle Speed 38 RPM (57 RPM Avaible)
Rear Centering Device Cam-Action Turns With Chuck
Support Bar Heavy-Duty

  • Model Number: 161

Model 161 threads 4", 4½", 5", 6" pipe with one set of dies.

For Geared Threader Accessories:

Model 840A Universal Drive Shaft

A telescoping (104 - 127 cm) drive shaft for operation of Nos. 141 and 161 geared threaders with threading machines.

Geared Threader Operation

The   161 geared threader , in conjunction with these accessories, allow power drives and threading machines to thread up to 4" and 6" pipe.

  • Model Number: ridgid 300


Capacity 1/8" - 2" (6mm - 50mm) Pipe, 2 1/2" - 4" (65mm - 100mm) with 141, and 4" - 6" (100mm-150mm) with 161 Geared Threaders, 1/4" - 2" (6mm - 52mm) Rod
Motor 1/2 HP, universal, reversible motor, single-phase, 50/60 Hz, 115V.
Switch Heavy-duty FOR/OFF/REV and Integral Foot Switch.
Chuck RIDGID speed chuck with replaceable rocker-action jaws.
Spindle Speed 38 RPM (57 RPM available).
Rear Centering Device Cam-action turns with chuck.
Support Bar Heavy-duty (2).