Product Info

Hand Truck, stair climber 500lb capacity

Height: 60" High (152.4 cm)Strap bars included: Two.
Frame: Steel double frame

Weight: 165 lbs. (74.39 kg)
Lifting capacity: 500 lbs. 
Lifting height: 40" lift. (101.6 cm)



Overview: The PowerMate M-1 is a heavy duty stair climber. Used extensively in several industries, the M-1 can move large and heavy objects like boilers, safes, elevator components, heat pumps, barrels, residential AC units and other heavy and awkward loads. The M-1 comes with a retractable dolly for flat surface rolling, a hook bar leveller to help break back the load and two strap bars. The M-1 is usually configured with wheel brakes.

The solid steel construction is designed to carry the weight on the stronger outer frame which resists twisting - a PowerMate exclusive.