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  • Manufacturer: Big John Grills

Stainless Steel Hardware: Our rotisseries use stainless steel hardware to hold the meat securely in place. We machine this hardware from high quality, type
304 stainless steel because it is durable, easy to clean, sanitary and will not rust.
Heat Control: Adjustable height end mounts can be raised and lowered in 1 inch increments from 13" to 24" for precise heat control. These end mounts support
the spit's entire width and isolate the motor from damaging loads.
Easy Operation: Powerful 1/20 hp. electric motor and reliable chain drive easily turns up to 125 lb. roasts at 6 rpm, the perfect speed for self-basting. Nobody
builds rotisseries like Big John - insist on using the best! Some manufacturers use simple, direct-drive rotisseries which can overheat the motor by placing a heavy
load on the gearbox bearings. NOT US! Big John's M-251B and M-35B rotisseries utilize a reliable chain drive that places the spits' entire weight onto two frame

deal for any indoor or outdoor event, this portable keg cooler will hold one 8 gallon keg. It can also be used to hold 96 - 12 oz. cans or bottles.

Jockey Box Keg Tapper: Just fill the cooler up half way with ice and the rest of the way with water and you are ready to go! This works from a CO2 tank pressurizing the keg, then your beverage runs through the coils and becomes ice cold.

20"x21"x15", Large, Raffle Drum, Ticket Holder, Brass Plated, Handle, Stand, 15 Lb., 15000 Ticket Capacity, Round, Barrel, Cylinder

Collapsible/Folding Rolling Clothing/ Garment Rack Salesman's Rack

 60 CU FT Aluminum Tank Cylinder
* Cylinder Handle Valve Protector
* BMC Brass Helium Regulator
* Manual Balloon Filling Valve

  • Portable tabletop - podium lectern complete with sound system, reading light, and extra-sensitive gooseneck microphone.
  • Built-in Sound Systems with full range speakers. Excellent for Corporate, Educational, Church, Military and Governmental Markets
  • 50 watt amplifier, 12 volt DC output for wireless receiver, auxiliary mic input (balanced, lo-Z) with phantom power, aux input (line level), line output, treble and bass controls and external speaker outputs.
  • Rechargeable batteries, battery protect circuitry and two-stage charger built-in. 6-8 hours per charge.
  • Truly portable-folds into a compact package that weighs just 39 lbs.
  • Sensitive electret microphone mounted on a custom isolation shockmount.
  • Powerful enough for crowds of 500.
  • Podium stand or use as a tabletop

Provide kids with seating that was specifically designed for them and can be stored away when no longer in use. This plastic folding chair will make an exciting addition to any classroom, daycare center or in the home. The lightweight design makes it ideal for the child to easily transport and setup for group activities, reading and other learning groupings -  

Grey folding chair, Grey seat , back and frame. Rubber tipped feet.

250lb Limit

These are great looking chairs with a nice rounded back. 250lb weight limit.

  • Manufacturer: Big John Grills
  • Model Number: M-15B

The Grill that sets the standard in charcoal grilling throughout the United States. The best selling outdoor commercial grill for over 47 years. Reinforced carbon steel firebox is a proven design that is extremely strong and can last a lifetime. Our grill tops are the best in the industry! They feature a steel core for strength and nickel plating for durability.

  • Manufacturer: PS Furniture
  • Model Number: PD36DI-SK42

36" di x 42" ht Pedestal Round Reception Table

  • Manufacturer: PS Furniture
  • Model Number: PD36DI-SK

36" di x 30" ht Pedestal Round Reception Table

  • Manufacturer: PS Furniture
  • Model Number: PD30DI-SK42

30" di x 42" ht Pedestal Round Reception Table