Product Catalog

  • Cleans 1 1/2" to 6" drains
  • Our most popular and versatile mid-sized plumbing pipe cleaning equipment / sewer jetter.
  • Reel holds 300' x 3/8" jetter hose
  • Pressure washer additional  

Horizontal circle is graduated in degrees and reads to 5'. Precise movement control is augmented by Hz and tangent screws. Large leveling screws make set-up easy and precise. Built-in sunshade and top-mounted vial provide ease of use in the field. Comes complete with instrument, tripod, rod and carrying case. Hz circle graduated to single degree; Hz circle reads to 5 min. of a degree. Ideal for leveling foundations, driveways, patios, floors, sills and other light-duty jobs. 20X magnification, up to 200' working range, 4' minimum focus, accurate to 1/4" at 75'.

With its compact design, yet powerful output, this one-man earth auger powerhead takes the work out of hard digging. Whether it's a deck, fencing, planting trees or installing a mailbox - you're sure to find a mutliple uses around your property 

CEP's lights designated with UL are listed as portable work lights "approved for use in wet locations." Built to last, CEP's heavy-duty quartz lights have been designed to endure the harshest of jobsite conditions. These portable lights stands are made of heavy wall tube steel and have no plastic parts. The Hubbell style fixtures emit 11,000 lumens of color-correct light and provide the user with musch more light efficiency than the traditional imports.

  • Folding tripod base and removable head assemblies for easy set-up and storage
  • Cord retainer mounted on the base to prevent tip over.
  • 16/3 SJTW power supply cord.
  • Removable head assembly on all models 

Features:  Easy two man design, heavy duty gear box, “dead man” clutch, various sized bits

Make/Model : Ground Hog
Power : Honda 5.5 hp
Drilling Depth : Up to 3 ft
Powered by : Gasoline
Operating Weight : 108 lb w/no bit
Dimensions : 60 x 32 x 40 in

  • Conveniently pre-selected basic components of a personal fall arrest system
  • Contains UniFit occasional-use full body harness and single leg shock absorbing lanyard with polyester storage bag

We have a variety of compressors that will run 1 or 2 jack hammers. Compressors are tow behind, hammers come in either 20lb, 40lb, 60lb or 90lb weights. 1 hose and 1 bit included in rental per gun.

The Alum-A-Pole Scaffolding System uniquely provides the ability to work comfortably and safely at the exact height required.

  • Cuts interlocking pavers, stepping stones, brick and stone or brick veneers, wet or dry
  • Shock mounted engine platform minimizes vibration to cutting head and rolling table for cleaner cuts
  • Lightweight for easy transport and loading
  • Rolling table locked to tray so it cannot be lost
  • Simple design for low maintenance
  • Hose hookup included to provide clean water supply
  • Choose between optional upright stand, low-profile rolling cart or ProCart for convenient working height
  • Patented dust control vacuum system is standard for dry cutting
  • Non-tilt Engine Platform
  • 10" Dry Cutting Diamond Blade included

Powerful in use, the EHB 11 electric rotary hammer by Wacker Neuson impresses with great performance and the highest durability. This is made possible by an integrated frequency converter. The open percussion system, as well as the brushless drive, also reduces the maintenance costs - including the self-cleaning effect.

Uses standard .22 caliber single shot powder loads for fastening applications in concrete and steel. This is a traditional, trigger operated tool that ejects spent powder loads after each shot. The narrow muzzle bushing (5/8") permits access into tight spaces. The low recoil reduces stress on the user for easier operation. The rubber cushioned grip and all-steel construction promote user comfort and tool durability. The simple construction (only two moving parts) make maintenance fast and easy.

  • Model Number: TM50

With one of the largest working envelopes in its class the Nifty TM50delivers maximum reach with stability and control. Octagonal boom sections provide strength without compromising on weight and the telescopic upper boom improves accuracy when positioning the platform. Hydraulically operated outriggers and controls make setting up and operating quick and easy, especially on uneven surfaces.

The TM50's outstanding reach makes it ideal for a wide range of applications.


Fully proportional hydraulic outriggers make setting up and leveling quick and easy even on gradients.

  • Model Number: ts420

Compact and robust 3.2 kW cut-off saw with a 314 in cutting wheel for use on all types of jobs. The innovative long-life air filter system with cyclone air routing ensures an extremely long filter service life and increases service intervals. Low-vibration levels make working with this model less strenuous. 


WEIGHT  21 lbs/9.6 kg (without bar and chain)


BAR LENGTH  Up to 16" (40 cm)


ENGINE SPEED 9300 +/- 500 rpm, 2700- rpm idle


Weight 15 lbs 6.8 kg (with bar and chain)
BaR length 13 in (32 cm)
mOtOR SPeed 8800 rpm
14.3 in (36.3 cm) length
11.3 in (28.7 cm) height
9.2 in (23.4 cm) width
tORQue 84 in-lbs (9.5 Nm)
hORSePOWeR 11.5 hp (8.6 kW)
hYdRaulic SuPPlY 8 gpm (30 lpm), 2500 psi (172.5 bar)
nOiSe leVel 88 dB @ 3 ft (1 m)
ViBRatiOn leVel 3.5 meters/second2 (front handle

Low profile design allows it to fit in tighter spaces than most other portable band saws. With the motor in the rear, your view of the material being cut is better than machines with the motor in the middle of the unit.

  • Large capacity blade cuts 6-1/4-inches at 90 degrees  
  • Weighs only 28.7 pounds for ease of operation
  • Electric brake for maximum productivity
  • Powerful motor delivers 1,800 max watts out
  • Low noise level at only 87dB for quiet operation
  • 32T Carbide Tipped Blade 

Porter Cable 4.5Amps 4 1/2-Inch Trim Saw:

This little power house is light in weight; handy and easily maneuverable saw. These Porter Cable circular saws deliver less torque, which is very helpful in situations, such as using it over ones head or in vertical direction, or for stock that are trim sized need to be cut. This feature also makes this saw safer than most other circular saws. Users also say that the motor and blade feature of this saw are up to Porter Cable standards.


  • Powerful Single speed 6.0 Amp motor, 16,500 RPM - For fast stock removal and a smooth finish
  • Electronically-counterbalanced single-blade system automatically positions blade at ideal cutting angle
  • Equipped with Bosch Woodrazor micrograin carbide blades, which resist fractures from nail and staple strikes
  • Edge guide fence ensures consistent planing through entire workpiece
  • Ambidextrous lock-off release button - Helps avoid accidental starts
  • Reduces drag and provides fast operation and smooth finish. eliminates uneven planing caused by misaligned blades
  • Protective shield covers the section of blade not in use

Converts pressure washer to a wet sandblaster.

Uses abrasive sand & high pressure water to clean, remove stains, rust, paint etc. 

No Dust.

All Steel rollers - Each section independent of the axle, to automatically compensate for irregularities of any floor. End rollers are recessed and axle bolt is inset to prevent wall scuffing. Round cross bar for easy handling.